Equipment Return Policy

 Postage Meter Supplies Equipment Returns and Cancellations

We recommend testing material if you are not sure if a product will work for your application, this will help with less returns and or cancellations.
Return Procedures:

Postage Meter Supplies Online (PMSO) reserves the right to accept or reject returned items. Postage Meter Supplies must be notified within 48 hours of delivery to return items that are damaged, have missing parts or are malfunctioning. Undamaged merchandise must have been purchased within the previous 30 days and be returned in a resalable condition. The packaging itself must not be damaged, marked, written on or altered.

Returns must include the "Return Merchandise Authorization" number. This RMA number is received from Postage Meter Supplies Customer Service when calling to report the return, the number is good for 7 days and must be written on the packages shipping label. Returned products missing the RMA number on the label will not be accepted. No returns will be accepted for custom orders, special orders or closeout items. Any return that does not meet PMSO’s return guidelines will be returned to the customer at the customer's expense, or held in our warehouse until claimed. Postage Meter Supplies is not responsible for unclaimed merchandise after 45 days.
Return Options

Return Option One: If the item you purchase does not fit your need, please contact us within five days of delivery. When you request to return new, unused items, we will offer you 100% in-store credit (less freight) that may be applied towards a new order. Just contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-938-6245 and we will guide you through the process. Refunds on purchases that included free shipping will be reduced by the outgoing shipping costs incurred by Postage Meter Supplies. No credit will be issued on freight, handling charges, or special fees.

Return Option Two: Your item may be returned for a refund minus a minimum $25.00 restocking fee, or 20% of the product(s) cost, whichever is greater. Items should be returned in their original product packaging. Products must also include a copy of the invoice and be returned freight pre-paid
insured to Postage Meter Supplies. Refunds on purchases that included free shipping will be reduced by the outgoing shipping costs incurred by Postage Meter Supplies. No credit will be issued on freight, handling charges, or special fees.

If you have any questions, please call customer service at 1-800-938-6245
Packaging Guidelines:
Please refer to our
Packaging Guidelines for information on how to package returns.

Damage Claims:
Damaged merchandise claims are filed with the shipper (FedEx, UPS, etc). It is the receiver's responsibility to inspect products immediately upon delivery for any possible damage prior to signing for and accepting the delivery. It is the responsibility of the receiver to report any damage incurred during shipment to the shipping company within 48 hours after delivery. The shipper will need to inspect the damaged product and packaging so please Do Not Throw Away Anything. The replacement order cannot be shipped until the claim with the shipper has been filed. If the receive signed for the order "free and clear" prior to discovering the damage, then replacement orders will not be shipped until the claim with the shipper is finalized. Replacement shipments can be expediting by securing the delivery with a credit card. Once the claim with the shipper is finalized Postage Meter Supplies will issue a credit for the original invoice. Noncompliance with this policy may invalidate the claim.

Refunds / Exchanges:
All refunds and exchanges are at the discretion of Postage Meter Supplies. We will facilitate and assign the responsibilities for each party on returns and exchanges. If the customer has no responsibilities, then a full refund or exchange can be made. If both the customer and Postage Meter Supplies share responsibilities, then the refund / exchange will be apportioned accordingly. Customers are responsible for any costs incurred by Postage Meter Supplies to fulfill your order (i.e. shipping, labor, etc.). The company is responsible to deliver the correct item in a working condition to the customer.

Refunds on machine service agreements are permitted within five days of purchase. The customer may receive a 100% in-house credit, or receive a refund check minus a $15 processing fee.

Please note that it may take four to five business days for your return to reach our warehouse. Once it is received and inspected by our staff (typically within 72 hours of receipt), we will process your refund and apply a credit to your credit card, or other method of payment within seven days. Please note that depending on your credit card company, it may take an additional two to 10 business days after your credit is applied for it to post to your account.

Postage Meter Supplies inspects all returns to verify products are undamaged or matches the damage report. We highly recommend that you insure packages before returning them to us.

Past Due Accounts:
The customer agrees to and shall pay any and all legal fees, including but not limited to attorney's fees, filing fees and all court costs in the event that legal action is executed to collect monies owed to Postage Meter Supplies (it's successors and/or assigns as their interests may appear) on the customer's account. The customer further agrees to and shall pay additional monies equaling the amount representing fifty percent (50%) of the principal balance if the account is referred to a collection agency or attorney for collection. This additional amount is in recognition of the costs associated with the processing of said collection action.

Order Cancellations:
Postage Meter Supplies makes every effort to accommodate cancellations on eligible orders. Please note for custom and special orders, all sales are final. The customer will be responsible for covering any shipping, restocking or other costs incurred up to the point of cancellation.

A $25 chargeback fee will be assessed against customers who initiate a credit card chargeback against Postage Meter Supplies. This $25 fee is to cover PMSO’s costs in the chargeback. This fee will be billed to the customer along with any other restocking or applicable legal fees and must be paid within 30 days.

Packaging Guidelines For Returning Merchandise
We recommend testing the equipment and keeping the old packing material before throwing it away.
Packaging Guidelines:
Two inches of packing material is needed on ALL sides of the shipping article including the top and bottom.
A machine must be secured in the box.
Any lose items must be wrapped separately to avoid damage to each other or the machine.
Please provide insurance on the machine - As the shipper, you are solely responsible for the safe return of all item(s).
Products cannot be accepted if their original boxes are marked, damaged, written upon, or stickers or labels of any type placed upon them.

Suggestions for Shipping Material:
Foam (solid not egg crate).
Bubble wrap.
Expanded polystyrene "Peanuts" (may not be suitable for heavy products that may shift while in transport).
Shredded or crumpled Kraft/newspaper.
Use enough cushioning material to ensure that the contents won't move easily when the box is shaken.
The box must be securely taped closed.
The packing is only as good as the box and the way it is sealed.

An unwritten shipping rule is: "If you can throw or drop a box from 2 feet without damaging it's contents - It is probably OK. Rest assured, some gorilla will try it."

For any other questions on shipping materials please contact our
Customer Service Department at 1-800-938-6245.

Items wrapped separately.
Rigid carton with flaps intact.
Adequate cushioning material.
Duplicate label inside carton.
Strong tape designed for shipping, no string or paper overwrap.
Single address label.
A clear, complete delivery address, and a complete return address.
Corrugated Boxes

The new box should be large enough to allow room for adequate cushioning of the material on all sides of the contents will give you the best results.
When using an old box, make sure all old labels and other shipment markings have been removed from the box.
Do not exceed the maximum gross weight (generally printed on the bottom flap) on the box.
Protecting the Contents

Prevent damage of fragile items by protecting them from each other, and separated from the corners and sides of the box.
The contents of your package should be wrapped separately, and will cushion each item properly.
Use enough cushioning material to ensure that the contents won't move easily when the box is shaken.

Closing the Package

Pressure-sensitive plastic or nylon-reinforced tape.
Water-activated paper tape:

Use 60-pound grade tape at least three inches wide.
Apply three strips to both the top and bottom of the box.
Water-activated reinforced tape:

Similar to plain paper tape, except that reinforcing fibers have been added for strength.
Tape requires only two center seam strips, in contrast to six strips necessary for paper tape.
Do not use masking tape, cellophane tape, string, or paper overwrap.
Labeling Properly
Return Merchandise Authorization is required.
Place the RMA number you received from
Customer Service into the space provided on the RMA form.
Do not write on the box.
Enclose a COPY of the RMA form with the merchandise and send it freight pre-paid (insured) to the address on the form.
Cut off the bottom portion of the RMA page and use it as an address label.
Tape it securely to the package you are returning.
If you have any questions please call Customer Service at 1-800-938-6245.
Heavy Packages
Evaluate packing materials, to ensure adequacy for packages weighing over 70 lbs.
Boxes need to be of stronger construction, preferably with seams that are stitched or stapled, not glued.

Check the box maker's certification for maximum weight.
The higher the weight certification, the better your box will protect its contents from impact in sorting and over-the road vibration.
Use new boxes whose strength has not been compromised by humidity or prior-use wear and tear.
Seal with heavy-duty tape, preferably reinforced.
Dense cushioning material is a must:

Expanded polystyrene ("peanuts") and crumpled paper are not acceptable because they crush and shift under heavy loads.
Customized corrugated or molded foam "framing" is more suitable and reinforces the rigidity of the outer box.
Do not band packages together unless each individual packages is in the box designed to support the total "package" weight.

Example: If two 40 lbs. boxes are combined into an 80 lbs. unit, both components should be in boxes with at least 80 lbs. weight capacity.
That's because on the end, all 80 lbs. will be pressing on the bottom layer of the corrugated box.
If you do band packages, use a minimum of two bands in each direction and label the individual boxes.

Only same-sized boxes may be banded together.
Equipment Shipping Facts

Delivery Time:
Orders are typically filled and shipped by FedEx or UPS within 2-3 business days after payment is received. Customers may request other carriers and Postage Meter Supplies reserves the right to change the shipper if necessary.

Free Freight:
Free freight offers are based on FedEx/UPS Ground shipping rates and schedules for the Continental U.S. For rush deliveries, the customer will be responsible for the costs.

Handling Charge:
A $10 handling charge will be added to all orders totaling less than $35.00. The carrier may add additional surcharges to their shipping rates.

Postage Meter Supplies makes smooth and timely deliveries a priority. However, international deliveries may be subject to additional delivery fees, or delays. Postage Meter Supplies is not responsible for delays or fees assessed including: customs, duties, import, surcharges, fees and taxes imposed by the destination country. If you have any questions about potential delays or additional charges for your country, please contact one of our international sales representatives.

Pallet Charge:
To prevent damage to certain products during shipping it is necessary to ship them on a pallet. As such, a pallet charge is assessed to those specific items that require pallets during shipping.

For customers wishing to opt out of the pallet fee, customers must sign a form acknowledging their refusal to use a pallet and waive Postage Meter Supplies's liability during shipping. Waived orders are shipped once full payment is made via wire transfer.

Rates / Shipping Charge:
Shipping charges are added to each order to pay the cost of the shipper. Surcharges may also apply. For orders over 150lbs Postage Meter Supplies will ship your items with the least expensive carrier unless otherwise requested by the purchaser.

Truck / Common Carrier:
Items that are unable to be shipped by FedEx or UPS will be shipped by common carrier. Notices identifying these items are placed on the specific item's web page. To keep your shipping costs down we find the most qualified and least expensive carrier.

Surcharges are fees assessed by third parties (such as shippers or governments) to cover shipping, handling, insurance, customs, duties or other fees.

Shipping Notice:
Sign the delivery notice only after you've inspected all the items for damage sustained during shipment. If anything is damaged or missing then refuse the shipment. Signing the shipping notice acknowledges your receiving and taking responsibility for the merchandise. Once accepted by you, Postage Meter Supplies is no longer responsible for the condition of the merchandise.
NOTE: Refused shipments or "subject to inspection" exceptions must be noted on the driver's paperwork, otherwise responsibility and liability reverts to the purchaser.

PMSO Equipment Sample Test Request
Thank you for your interest in Postage Meter Supplies! At Postage Meter Supplies we stock much of our office equipment in our own warehouse and showroom floor. What does this mean for you? This means not only can we ship products to you quickly, but we can also test your materials and samples on our machines.

In order to send a sample in to us for testing, simply fill out this form. Once everything has been verified on our end, you will receive an e-mail response with further instructions on where to send your sample for testing. We will let you know if for any reason a machine is not in stock or we are unable to process your sample request.

Once your sample has been tested on our machines, we can send it back to you free of charge, if you choose. Return time on samples, once run through our machines, is about a week. If you need the sample faster, you will have to pay for expedited shipping. We can also ship samples back to you on your own UPS or Fed-Ex account.
**Equipment samples available to North America ONLY! Free return shipping to 48 continental United States ONLY!**


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