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Paper Shredder Ratings

Paper Shredder RatingsThere has been a lot of focus on personal paper shredders lately as one of the best ways for you to protect yourself against identity theft. But how can you know which shredder is the best for you without an empirical way to judge these shredders with tools like paper shredder ratings? There really is no way, and that is why you need to know how paper shredders stack up against each other with the same paper shredder ratings that the industry uses.

The current DIN paper shredder ratings have six levels; with level one being the least secure, and level six being the most. These ratings range from 12 mm strips, to 0.8 by 0.4 mm particles. You might think that level one 12 mm strips are more than secure for what you need, but what you may not realize is how easy it is to piece shredder strips back together. Think about it; the average strip shredder only cuts documents into about 30-40 pieces. How much time would it really take to put those strips together if a person really wanted the information on that page? That is why so many shredding companies are pushing level 4 shredders, the first level that shreds things into particles. A level 4 confetti shredder will shred documents into about 300 pieces, easily making it 10 times more difficult to put back together.

Some of the Best Paper Shredder Ratings You'll Find

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